Lethal Injection, 2018

Material: Bullet Shells, Syringe, Brass and Epoxy Glue

Photography: Jackie Si; Model: Laura Luo

I Su, 2016

Material: Birch Plywood and Epoxy Glue

Photography: Julia Charles

Diasporic Jewels
'Exorcism Objects', 2018

Material: Patinated copper, brass, deconstructed oiled paper umbrella, gourd, bamboo, stainless steel and thread​.

Photography: Jackie Si; Model: Boa Chen and Laura Luo

An Evolution, 2017

Material: Bullet Shells, Brass and Sterling Silver

Photography: Harris Wang

Diasporic Jewels
'Ring the Rings', 2019

Material: Patinated copper, brass, Sterling Silver Wire, Earthenware Ceramics.

Photography: Jackie Si; Model: Leah Chen

Triangular Chair, 2018

Material: Birch Plywood, Japanese Black Stain and Epoxy Glue

Photography: Harris Wang; Model: Harris Wang

Isn't It A Time for Dance (Video Art), 2020

Recording & Editing: Harris Wang; Model: Boa Chen and Aiden Kim